Welcome to Ariando Research Group

Welcome to our new group website!

Note that our old website will cease operation from October 2016.

Ariando MOMD Research Group is part of Department of Physics and of NUSNNI-NanoCore, the inter-faculty and multidisciplinary Nano-Institute at the National University of Singapore.

Its current research focuses on exploring multifunctional (oxide) materials in the form of thin films, heterostructures, interfaces, supperlattices, or/and quantum wells between various epitaxial films, both for fundamental studies as well as application-oriented device developments, with the current research activity has a particular emphasis on oxide materials with unconventional electronic, optical, magnetic and thermal properties. Such unconventional properties can arise from multiple effects such as strong electronic correlations and/or multiband conductance character, anisotropy or low dimensionality, or ones mediated by interfaces or defect states. The research activities concentrate around fabricating and characterizing thin film and heterostructure samples using various advanced deposition, structuring and measurement techniques available in house in NUSNNI-NanoCore, Singapore Syncroton Light Source (SSLS) and Faculty of Science National University of Singapore.

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