Group Leader

Associate Professor Department of Physics
Dean’s Chair Professor Faculty of Science
#S12-02-09, 2 Science Drive 3, Singapore 117542
#T-Lab, 5th & 11th Floor, 5A Engineering Drive 1, Singapore 117411
Phone: +65 65167900
Fax: +65 67776126


Dr. Jani Hariom Kirit

T-Lab 5th floor

Research Interest: Antiferromagnetic spintronics, hydrogen doping

Dr. Shengwei Zeng

T-Lab 5th floor

Research Interest: Superconductivity, electric-field tuning of functional materials, complex oxide interfaces


Dr. Lim Zhi Shiuh

T-Lab 5th floor

Research Interest: Quantum materials by design, topological spin texture, electric-field control of magnetism

Dr. Sreetosh Goswami

T-Lab 5th floor

Research Interest: Memristors, neuromorphics, organic electronics

Dr. Saurav Prakash

T-Lab 5th floor

Research Interest: Plasmonics, MIM junctionsT-Lab 5th floor

Dr. Santi Rath

T-Lab 5th floor

Research Interest: Chemistry of organic molecules

Dr. Proloy Nandi

T-Lab 5th floor

Research Interest: Atomic Imaging, HRTEM

Dr. Ganesh Ji Omar

T-Lab 5th floor

Research Interest: Spin-charge interconversion, topological magnetic materials, spin-orbitronics

PhD Students

Junxiong Hu

T-Lab 5th floor

Research Interest: Hybrid two-dimensional materials / functional oxides


Zhaoting Zhang

T-Lab 5th floor

Research Interest: Electric field control of magnetism, double-perovskite oxides


Chow Lin Er

T-Lab 5th floor

Research Interest: Interfacial (topological) magnetism & superconductivity

Master/Undergraduate Students

Du Xiomeng (MSc)

T-Lab 5th floor

Research Interest: Nickelate infinite layers, free standing layers

Nicholas Chong Jia Le (Undergraduate)

T-Lab 5th floor

Research Interest: Nickelate infinite layers, Josephson junctions

Research/Technical Assistants

Yap Shou Xuan

T-Lab 5th floor

Research Assistant VAN memristors

Teo Ng Hong

T-Lab 5th floor

Technical staff & Safety

Dr. Jian Linke

T-Lab 5th floor

Senior Research Officer Cleanroom & Nanofabrication

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