Hybrid 2d material/functional oxides

Graphene is a typical two-dimensional (2D) material with various exceptional properties and can form a strong ambipolar 2D hole or electron conducting gas tunable by various external perturbations. Meanwhile, complex oxides have also shown various emergent physical properties resulting from the complex interplay between the electronic, orbital, spin and structural degrees of freedom. Novel properties might emerge when the graphene quantum system’s extraordinary properties are tuned by or coupled to the functional oxides.

In this article, we realized giant magnetoresistances in single-layer graphene of up to 5,000% (a world record for single-layer graphene) by inducing carrier fluctuation in graphene utilizing the terraced surface of the oxides. Not only this system serves as a playground for studying disordered induced magnetoresistance, but the large magnetoresistance effect in this pure two-dimensional system is also a high potential for nanoscale magnetic sensing.